A white world

Can't believe this is just 2 weeks ago, at my parents'. Berlin's birds have been singing spring-like songs today. I haven't got much time for my computer at the moment, I've been meeting friends instead (fika at Jördis' & Matthias' yesterday for example). Now it's time to start thinking about renovating this place. It's a huge lovely mess. In sqm, the apartment is 3x bigger than the one we had in Gothenburg...


  1. Hahaha, I saw Matthias while I was in Friedrichshain the other day but he left before I had a chance to say "hello".... ;P

  2. I can't wait to see what you do with the place! Will there be before and after photos???

  3. oh welcome to berlin!!! (though i am not there!) can't wait to see your new place! and btw... i have meaning to tell you, and you might have heard this a zillion times, but your look exactly like your mother! :) she is one beautiful lady and always smiling!!! ;) have a good week sandra! twiggs

  4. Charlyn > how funny!
    Megon and Julie > we'll see :) i haven't thought that far yet, everything still feels so surreal.
    Twiggs > thank you! i think the older i get, the more i look like her. it's the same for my sister, she's becoming a copy of her. though we still have so much from our father as well. family resemblance is such a strange thing :)

  5. Fantastic photos!!! I enjoyed in Berlin the past year. I love the city!!!
    Congratulations for your blog!!!!

    Regards from Madrid!!!! ;)

  6. As always, your pictures are so great!! I love the one focused on the legs and feet on the ice.

  7. ich liebe diese landschaft. die fotos erinnern mich an umeå im winter...


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